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Public Hearing on Uranium Mining

radon/waterForwarded Message:
There is an extremely IMPORTANT MEETING of the Governor’s newly appointed Uranium Working Group (UWG). The date is Monday, June 18th, 2012 @ 6:00 pm @ Chatham High School, Chatham, Va.
Many of our concerned colleagues, having studied the issue without ceasing since it’s origin in 1978, believe that this UWG flies in the face of democratic protocol, and that Governor McDonnell has committed a grave wrong to the citizens he has been elected to represent and protect. His recent attack on the free speech rights of women has already trashed his hopes for thew Republican VEEP canadacy this fall!
Please try to attend this meeting on the 18th of June. There will be time for public comment, for which we must all sign up early, so try to get there by 5:00 or so in order to get on the list of public speakers.
The link to the UWG is   http://www.uwg.vi.virginia.gov  and there should be an agenda at the site. Our understanding is that they will cover Mine permitting, Environmental Impact Analysis and Environmental Monitoring of Mine Sites, Disposal of Mine Waste, Mine Site Reclamation. There will also be a passout on UWG  Comprehensive Work Plan and Schedual.

Protest DENR Report on Fracking Tuesday March 27th

Join Croatan Earth First! in Protesting the DENR Report!
Tuesday March 27th:  Meet outside East Chapel Hill High School by 5:15 p.m. at 500 Weaver Dairy Rd.  It’s important to show up on time to sign up to speak before the hordes of pro-gas people take up all the public statement time like in last week’s hearing in Sanford.  After signing up,  join us outside for a demonstration.  We’ll supply the banners, chants, signs, and snacks.  No signs are allowed inside the meeting, so we recommend decorating or spray-painting a t-shirt to wear with anti-fracking slogans on it.  The hearing will begin inside at 6:30 p.m. and last until 9:30 p.m.  Talking points in response to their study can be found here.  We found it particularly disturbing that DENR had no plan for what to do with the millions of gallons toxic, “produced” water created in the process.  There are no safe options.  Deep well injection is illegal in NC, and the other option is shipping it out of state to ruin the water in other communities or sending it to water treatment facilities that admit they are not equipped to filter out these salts, chemicals, and radioactive materials.

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DENR Shale Gas Report Released

Contrary to the industry’s history and all common sense, DENR has concluded that fracking “can be done safely in NC,” …  “as long as the right protections are in place.” We disagree!  Every fracking operation around the country has shown the opposite to be true: spills, blow-outs, toxic chemicals in the aquifers and rivers, city water supplies contaminated, cattle deaths, drinking water wells contaminated, strange neurological diseases and cancers developing in affected communities…  We are unwilling to accept these risks for a small economic boom that will bust in the following 40 years.  That’s not even one lifetime, and the people and animals living in the Piedmont will the experiencing the consequences many years into the future.  Natural Gas energy is an unacceptable trade-off.  Links to the documents are below for your perusal.  After this report, it’s important for every person who doesn’t want their land and water to be fracked to show up for these meetings and speak their mind.  Join our demonstrations outside and go inside with a prepared speech.  The land, water, animals, communities, and future generations in North Carolina are depending on you to speak out! Continue reading