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Shearon Harris Nuclear Reactor Closed for Crack in NC while SC Reactor Released Radioactive Materials Into Water

Duke Energy Progress shut down the Shearon Harris nuclear plant in Wake County on Wednesday after the company discovered that the reactor vessel – which holds the plant’s nuclear fuel and contains the nuclear reaction – showed early indications of corrosion and cracking.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported Thursday morning that plant officials made the discovery earlier this week during a review of ultrasonic data that had been recorded in spring 2012.

The year-old data showed a one-quarter-inch flaw in the reactor vessel head, the term for the lid that is bolted on top of the vessel to maintain superheated water under high pressure.

It’s not clear why it took Progress a year to discover the corrosion, a question the NRC will attempt to answer in its review of the incident. General concerns about vessel head corrosion increased in the wake of the discovery in 2002 of a grapefruit-size cavity in the reactor vessel of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Ohio, which is owned by FirstEnergy Corp. Continue reading

Dirty Energy Road Show March 29th

March 29th @6:00pm

@ Internationalist Books and Community Center  405 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC

The Dirty Energy Road Show is an educational presentation examining the parallels of coal and nuclear issues and connecting them to other form of dirty energy and climate change. It also looks at work being done to transition us away from these dirty industries and towards a more sustainable and healthier future. Continue reading