10 Activists Arrested, Bail Funds Urgently Needed

10 brave activists are in police custody and bail has been set at a whopping  $23,000. We did extensive fundraising prior to this action, but police overreacted and, in addition to injuring multiple activists, set bail extraordinarily high.

Please consider donating to our Pay Pal with the bright yellow Donate Now Button to the upper right, so our friends can come home tonight. We are fighting to protect the integrity of our waters and lands and the well being of us all.

  • Support the Grassroots! Help us to support those fighting for mother earth, donate to the croatan earth first!  legal fund now!

9 responses to “10 Activists Arrested, Bail Funds Urgently Needed

  1. Peter Jackson

    Where did the arrests take place? I am curious to know if this was in North Carolina. Thanks.

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  6. Please provide more information about who, what, where, when, how, and the issues so people will understand the need to support those arrested for defending the nation, our lives, and the environment.

  7. Croatan Earth First!

    Jordan is out and he’s well. We will give you a call right away.

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