2013 Brigid Issue of EF! Journal is Available Now

Please note new Journal phone line: 561-320-3840. We apologize for any inconvenience.]

Get your daily dose of news and updates from the frontlines
of eco-resistance at theEarth First! Newswire

Newest Issue Out: Brigid 2013

SUBSCRIPTIONS We are able to keep this publication alive primarily thanks to paid subscriptions, which are now $30 for four publications. The Journal is back to being bound like a magazine, rather than a newspaper format. You can subscribe right now, for yourself or as a gift to someone (including one of the prisoners on our waiting list) by clicking here! If you have questions about your subscription, email: subscriptions [at] earthfirstjournal.org

NEWSLETTER For those subscribers who requested to receive a copy of Earth First! News in the mail recently (that was our effort at a small supplemental photocopy-able newsletter), we are bummed to tell y’all that we will not be producing that as a separate project for the time being. The intention was for another collective to take this on, and none have stepped up so far. We simply do not have the time or money to continue doing it. If you wanna help make it happen, get in touch. In the meantime, we’ll continue to post daily news online via Newswire.EarthFirstJournal.org, and also post PDFs of the recent newsletters (which also run in the Journals) for EF! activists to copy and print. 

CONTRIBUTORS We are searching out writers, artists, photographers and poets from the frontlines of the eco-resistance. If you think this might be you, click here for details. And if you think you’d be a good match to join our collective, fill out this application and send it back.

All checks and money orders should be made out to “Earth First Journal” and sent to:

Earth First! Journal
PO Box 964
Lake Worth, FL 33460

You can reach us by phone at (561) 320-3840. Also, if you are looking to host an EF! Speaker in your community, please check out the new EF! Speakers Bureau.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:The website EarthFirst.org is NOT a movement-oriented project. There is no accountability on where the ‘donations’ go, nor the content that is posted. Unless this changes, we ask that you please do not use that site. If you have donated there in the past, we suggest you ask for a refund so that your money goes to a project which is accountable to the EF! movement, such as the Journal, or directly to one of the many active campaigns out there.

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