Active Tree-Sit to Defend Forest & Stop Animal & Biotech Laboratory

Monday, February 14, 2011
First-ever Florida Tree-Sit Erected to Defend Briger Forest Tract from Development

Two Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition members, Russ and Rachel, erected a tree-sit this morning to protest the FAU/Scripps Bio-technology development on the Briger Forest Tract. Law Enforcement have demand the tree-sitters to leave or risk imminent arrest. The two brave activist remain, suspended 30 foot from the ground, holding a banner that reads “Defend These Forests”.

The tree-sitters and their banner are visible from Northbound I-95, at the Donald Ross exit.

Russ and Rachel released the following joint statement: “As FAU graduates and Palm Beach County residents we are dismayed at the lack of protection for the Endangered Species on the FAU/Scripps development site. The Scripps “bio-tech city” plan promotes sprawl and will destroy endangered species located on the Briger Tract. We have tried legal means to protect the site, but the developers and politicians have ignored our concerns. If the state and county refuse to protect endangered species then we must take action to preserve the remaining natural beauty of Florida.”

In conjunction with the tree-sit, forty protesters converged at the existing FAU/Scripps Florida building. City of Jupiter and FAU campus police responded and briefly detained at least one person.

Earth First! activists plan to maintain a presence on the site to ensure no endangered species habitat is destroyed, and no animals are abused in the proposed vivisection labs.

DONATE – to help us support the tree-sitters with future bail and legal costs! Donations can be made via Paypal to “” or dropped off at the Night Heron Activist Center at 1305 Central Terrace Lake Worth

HELP THE TREE-SIT – We will have an on-going vigil to ensure the safety of these brave activists. If you can help, reply to this email or call 561-249-2071
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One response to “Active Tree-Sit to Defend Forest & Stop Animal & Biotech Laboratory

  1. trash collector

    Hello, I’m wondering if this is still going on, I’m a travelling activist with some skills to share and support ongoing campaigns as I travel, and I could pass through your region. Send me an email if you’re interested.

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