Introducing the Earth First! Newswire


The Earth First! Journal Collective has created a newswire website and we
wanted to let you know! The current EF! Journal site: will remain active- here you can find featured
articles from the forthcoming Beltane 2010 edition of the Earth First!
Journal, as well as an extensive archive from the last 10 years. We are
planning to create a full 30 year digital archive this year and make it
available on the website.

Our new Earth First! News site is
currently, and will continue to evolve as, a more regularly updated (if
not daily) site for direct actions and news worldwide. If you have a
website of your own, blog or Facebook, please consider linking our new
site (or both sites if you choose) to help us increase our visibility!
Any Facebook members can now find the Earth First! Journal and become our
friends! If you would like us to consider linking to your website, respond
to: or to this e-mail with your web

A whole new face of Earth First! Media is forming this year to celebrate
our 30 year anniversary and to give room for Earth First! and the EF!
Journal evolve and grow! We will be informing all our subscribers with
these exciting changes with our semi-annual Summer donation letter later
this month. If you are not currently subscribed to the Earth First!
Journal, this is an exciting year to consider joining our readers! If you
subscribe between now and September 1st you will receive our 100-page,
bound 30 year anniversary issue, to be released November 1st.*

Thanks for your readership and support!
For the Wild,
-the EF! Journal Collective

**If you are interested in subscribing, please reply to this e-mail to find
out more about the coming changes to the Earth First! Journal.

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